Frequently Asked Consignment Questions

How do I price my items? A good rule of thumb is if the item is used cut the original price in 1⁄2, and then lower it from there depending on condition. Remember that if the items are a “name brand” you may be able to price them a bit higher. If it is a new item with tags still attached and the original price is indicated I would just take a couple of dollars off the original price.

Do I really need to use 3x5 index cards? It may not seem important that all your cards be the same size, but there is a very important reason for this rule. Imagine after the sale counting 7000+ cards and if a consignor has mixed card sizes it slows the process and makes it difficult for our counters. It is okay to have different colored cards and it is even a good idea to distinguish your cards in some way by using all the same color, placing some type of stamp or a sticker on each one. They must be 3x5 cards, not paper cut to 3x5 and please no cards with one color on one side and another color on the other.

Why do I need Inventory Sheets? These are important to complete because if an item loses its tag or you missed putting a price on it and someone would like to purchase it we have “book lookers” who try very hard to locate that item using the inventory sheets so that you can receive credit for it.

Why are there no ‘Partial Donations’? At the end of the sale you must either chose to donate all of your items or return to pick up all of your items. The reason we do not allow partial donations is because during the clean-up process it is too difficult for our volunteers to be responsible for the things you would like to keep and those you wish to go to charity.

Why can’t I bring a friend or my children to the Preview Sale? This is a special sale for our volunteers and consignors. The reason we ask for one person per family and no children is that space is limited, the sale can be chaotic and we would like to make it as safe as possible for everyone.

What if I do not have 40 usable items? It is really not worth your time and effort if you do not have at least 40 items to sell. You will not get the return you would like on the time you invested.

What do you mean by ‘Usable Items’? This means no stains, or holes in clothing, items that are not on our unacceptable list (i.e. potty seats, open diapers, etc.). Please look at the packet for all sellable items.

How Many Items will I sell?: This of course will vary depending on the quality of your items, your pricing and what shoppers are buying at that particular sale. Usually, it is about 50% of what you consign.

May I have my 3x5 cards back after the sale? Absolutely! After your check comes in the mail you can stop by the preschool office and pick up your cards. When you bring your items on Friday tell the ladies at check-in that you would like your cards back and I will pull them and have them ready for you when you decide to come and get them.